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Experience the Ultimate Corporate Retreat in Puerto Rico

As a destination event planner living in Puerto Rico, I have had the pleasure of organizing numerous corporate events over the years. However, none have been quite as memorable as the recent Chartwell Futures company retreat hosted at Siesta Alegre. This event was one for the books, with attendees enjoying the best of what Puerto Rico has to offer.

With the stunning Siesta Alegre as the backdrop, attendees were treated to a truly immersive experience. As event planner we love working at this venue that has lush greenery and tropical climate made for the perfect atmosphere to foster collaboration and relaxation alike. And with Caribbean Catering providing the delicious cuisine, attendees were able to indulge in the flavors of Puerto Rico, with local eats and refreshing mojitos.

The event was not just about relaxation, though. Attendees were also treated to a salsa class, led by a local instructor who showed them the moves and rhythms of Puerto Rico's most beloved dance. And to cap it off, a live music performance by the Cien del Cielo provided the perfect soundtrack to the evening, with attendees dancing and enjoying themselves well into the night.

Overall, the Chartwell Futures company retreat was an event that truly showcased Puerto Rico's beauty and culture. As an event planner, it was a joy to see attendees fully immerse themselves in the experience, and I can confidently say that this event will be remembered for years to come. So if you're looking for the perfect destination for your next corporate retreat, look no further than Puerto Rico - you won't be disappointed!

Event planners: Island Life Events PR

Photography by: Sunkissed Blue

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