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Vibrant Tropical Union at Old San Juan

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

This beautiful couple with their friends and family flew all the way from San Diego for their wedding. Counting on us as their event planners, they preferred an outdoor ceremony at La Rogativa in Old San Juan, and their cocktail party and reception at Hotel El Convento, just steps away from the ceremony. With vibrant colors like orange, pink, a touch of red, yellow, blue, and white. Of course, Its Chezelle Events, Island Life Events, Akua Event Design, and other suppliers made their dream wedding come true.

We made sure every detail was as the bride requested and made sure everyone (guests and family) was comfortable. The ceremony started and everything was perfect and beautiful, just as they imagined. Once they were declared husband and wife, they danced all the way to the hotel for the Cocktail with Yuvi Plena and their dancers, they sang and laughed, and all the guests enjoyed every step of the way. All the tourists who were walking around Old San Juan joined in celebrating the newlywed couple.

The guest enjoyed the cocktail while Diana Wedding Photography took pictures of the bride and groom. Once they were back, we revealed the reception just for them, and their reaction were awesome, we were truly happy with the results, and to see their reaction, it truly filled us with happiness! They filled the champagne tower, enjoyed a few drinks, and chatted with guest until dinner time came. As an event planner, we wanted to make sure every little detail was perfect.

The sister of the bride made the toast, and the waiters served the appetizers and food. We gave them their space but made sure everything ran smoothly. Sean and Rachel constantly told us that everything was perfect and that they were completely pleased.


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